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Corrigan and Sons Funeral Directors are undertakers who have many years of experience in cremation. We can organise a cremation in any crematorium in Dublin – or throughout Ireland – with the highest level of service and professionalism.

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Why choose Corrigan and Sons for a Cremation?

Many families are unsure of how or where to organise a cremation. Corrigan and Sons Funeral Directors and Undertakers have a long and proud history in Dublin and have been organising cremations in Dublin and throughout Ireland for many years. We can help you with all the decisions that need to be made, and help you prepare the necessary paperwork.
We can book a cremation at a time that suits you in any of the four crematoria in Dublin – Glasnevin, Mount Jerome, Newlands Cross or Dardistown. If you would like to organise a cremation outside Dublin, you can also choose from Lakelands Crematorium in Cavan, Island Crematorium in Cork, or Shannon Crematorium.
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What is Direct Cremation?

Direct Cremation is where the cremation takes place in private, without a ceremony or mourners. The advantages of Direct Cremation include increased privacy, and lower cost with no need for extra expense. Direct cremation is an ideal option if you would like to have a low cost funeral, a private funeral, or where repatriation (returning ashes to another country) is your chosen option.
A memorial service can then be organised by you if required at a future time and date that suits your requirements.

Cremation Packages

Cremation Packages to suit you and your family

Direct Cremation

Direct Cremation From €1100

A direct cremation is low cost, straightforward cremation with no service, mourners or ceremony. It means you can choose your own way to remember someone at a place and time that suits you.
Simple Funeral

Simple Funeral From €1350

Our Simple cremation is a lower-cost option that provides everything needed for a funeral. This option might be suitable for those who want to keep costs down, or if the person who has died wanted a simpler send off.
Tailored Funeral

Tailored Funeral From €1790

Our Tailored Cremation provides a truly personal service, delivered to the highest standards and arranged to meet your exact requirements. You can select from a range of options that suits your wishes and budget.

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