Professional Funeral Services in Dublin

Proudly serving all areas of Dublin for over 100 years, we will take care of all the necessary arrangements in a professional and respectful manner making the process of organising a funeral as easy as possible for you.
Affordable and Dignified Family Services Include – Direct Cremation, Traditional Funerals, Non Religious Funerals, Civil Funerals , Humanist Funerals and Funeral Packages.

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Cremation Services Dublin

Affordable Funerals

Our affordable burial funeral plans can be designed to suit your wishes, needs and budget. We will discuss all funeral costs upfront with no hidden fees or charges.
Humanist Funerals Explained

Cremation Options in Dublin

Corrigan & Sons can offer you various cremation services across all the crematorium locations in Dublin in Glasnevin, Newlands Cross, Mount Jerome and Dardistown.
Help Family with Cost

Civil and Non Religious Funerals

We specialise in helping you to design a non traditional funeral ceremony to suit the wishes of your loved one. Contact Us to find out more information and options for non religious funerals
Corrigan and Sons

Traditional - Full Service Funerals

We are here to take care of every detail of organising a “Traditional Funeral”
  • The Wake/ Viewing
  • Religious Ceremonies
  • Burial or Cremation

Serving Dublin City and beyond

We look after all locations, churches, places of worship, cemeteries and crematoria.
Funerals can be for all religious denominations and nationalities