Humanist Funerals


Humanism and Humanist funeral ceremonies are growing in popularity in Dublin and indeed, all over Ireland. Corrigan and Sons Funeral Directors have many years of experience in organising non-religious or civil funerals.

A humanist, or non-religious ceremony is often the choice of funeral service for someone who did not adopt religion and who did not accept religious interpretations of life and death. Humanist services celebrate the life of the deceased and do not recognise afterlife.

Often held in a crematorium chapel, non-religious ceremonies are legally recognised.

Corrigans will deal with the official procedures, but should be informed that a non-religious ceremony is required. The service is constructed around family and friends delivering readings or prose or poetry, as well as speaking about their memories of the deceased. Music, usually favourite songs or pieces of the deceased, is often played.

The tribute – usually delivered by someone particularly close to the deceased – is the main focus of the service. It is not necessary to have a ceremony officiant (leader), and families will often conduct the service.

The Humanist Association are available to assist.